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Lahs Eco Engineering is into the field of manufacturing of organic waste composting machines known as GOLDUST. Apart from Goldust we also manufacture and maintainstack parking equipments, along with Stainless steel tank and vessels.

Services offered by LAHS ECO ENGG are consultancy related to waste management, and Operation and Maintenance of GOLDUST.

GOLDUST is an Organic waste converting machine.

GOLDUST, is the best option available presently in market, considering the output quality of compost, power saving features, after sales and service.

Follow these steps to convert waste into compost:

  • 1. When Organic waste is added to the Goldust, moisture is sensed by the humidity sensor, due to which heater turns ON.
  • 2.compositing tank gets heated. Due to this, the water content in any organic (food) waste is evaporated it goes out to the atmosphere as water vapor through exhaust system.
  • 3.At the same time our special micro organisms decompose the remaining organic waste into compost within 6 days.

Just insert the waste and close the lid, the machine is fully automatic hence adjusts the parameters like temperature, air flow etc. with respect to the moisture parameter of input waste.

Manpower is required to load and unload the machine, rest is taken care by fully automatic GOLDUST.

The machine trips with an Overload alarm.

Once daily before adding of waste.

Cleaning is to be done on the external of the machine, nothing from inside.

Within Mumbai it is within 4 to 6 working hours.

Yes, It is necessary that the mains is kept on always, the PLC decides when what is to be operated.

No problem, the machine starts on resumption of power.

All kind of organic waste can be added.

yes Chicken bones can go in the machine.

Yes, we have installed a machine in fish market and the compost is sold @ 10 rupees/kg.

All contact parts are made of SS 304, body is made up of Stainless steel, and all material used is of branded manufacturer, minimum life that can be assumed is 15 to 20 yrs.

Yes absolutely safe, no harm to children, if all electrical safty is taken care of.

yes it can be put in proportion of 80:20 (80% food waste and 20% Garden waste.

In mponetary terms presently BMC, TMC and many municipal corporations are giving 5% discount on property tax for using GOLDUST, besides this there are enormous environmental benefits if we can take pride in saving environment.

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LAHS Eco Engineering is a Lahs Green India Pvt. Ltd. (ISO 9001-2008) company, a leading Green Energy Solution Provider.

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