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Started in the year 2013, LAHS is one of the world’s best eco-engineering firms whose main aim is to deliver a zero-waste society and make this world a better place for generations to come. Our main aim is to solve the world’s most complex problem of waste management and prevent the risk of environmental degradation. Due to overexploitation of natural resources and waste generation, the problem of environmental degradation is now been faced by us. It mainly occurs due to individuals disposing waste that are polluting the environment at rates exceeding the waste’s rate of decomposition or dissipation. They are overusing the renewable resources such as forests, oceans and agricultural soils etc. at the rates exceeding their natural abilities to renew themselves. The ability of the ecosystem to withstand the negative impacts of human activities has therefore declined and the deterioration of the environment has become a threatening concern. To save the environment from this hazardous situation we at LAHS have come up with Goldust an organic waste composting solution that gives you an opportunity at sustainable development. Our composting machine uses a special technique to break down and decompose all kinds of organic waste into compost within a few hours. Goldust has a high-quality composting tank and a stainless steel shaft with high powered blades and exterior panels. Our goal is to prevent the risk of environmental degradation and work towards building a sustainable future for the planet.

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Our Main products being Organic Waste Management, Car Parking, Waste Water Management, Fabrication.

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LAHS Eco Engineering is a Lahs Green India Pvt. Ltd. (ISO 9001-2008) company, a leading Green Energy Solution Provider.

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